Encompass Developer Essentials Certification

Become a Certified Encompass Developer

Are you a software developer new to using Encompass Developer Connect? Or are you an Encompass developer looking to strengthen your development capabilities? The 3-day Encompass Developer Essentials Certification focuses on developing applications using Encompass Developer Connect, while leveraging the Encompass Developer Connect Portal for research and testing. You’ll use the Encompass Developer Connect APIs to create, update, and report on loans, plus add and update eFolder attachments within loan files. You will also use Microsoft Visual Studio® to develop working applications with Ellie Mae’s open source .NET Language Bindings.


Encompass Experience: Learners should have basic navigation skills within Encompass to verify the Encompass Developer Connect call results. 

Development Experience: Learners should have practical coding in JSON and an object-oriented programming language, such as C#. The .NET Language Bindings are currently only provided as C#, so much of the course uses C#.

Software Experience: It is helpful to have a basic working knowledge of Postman® and Microsoft Visual Studio. 

Encompass Developer Connect: No prior experience is necessary. 


By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Identify the requirements of executing Encompass Developer Connect calls
  • Leverage the Encompass Developer Connect Try It Feature
  • Research APIs in the Encompass Developer Connect Portal and GitHub
  • Execute Encompass Developer Connect calls using Postman
  • Develop programs using the Encompass Developer Connect APIs in C#

The Developer Essentials Certification Includes:

  • Live Instructor
  • Hands-on, interactive exercises
  • Participant Guide
  • Use of computer and Encompass environment during the certification for exercises and practice
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Encompass Developer Certification after successful completion of the course, exam, and practicum (Valid for two years)

How it works

This class is divided into twelve modules with practical coding exercises designed to give you practice before building your final certification project.

  • Module 1: Encompass Developer Connect Introduction
  • Module 2: REST Digest
  • Module 3: Encompass Developer Connect Portal
  • Module 4: API Call Requirements
  • Module 5: API Call Execution
  • Module 6: JSON and Ellie Mae Entities
  • Module 7: eFolder Documents and Attachments Using Postman
  • Module 8: Pipeline Searches and Batch Updates Using Postman
  • Module 9: .NET Language Bindings and Stand-Alone Applications
  • Module 10: Loan Updates Using the .NET Language Bindings
  • Module 11: eFolder Updates Using the .NET Language Bindings
  • Module 12: Pipeline Searches Using the .NET Language Bindings
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